Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sweet Sunday Infant Massage Session and Breakfast!

I might not have been blogging, but I've still been massaging, and here's a little sneak peak into what my weekends at least 2 times a month have been looking like, this is what get excited about and why I look forward to teaching!


Sweet infant massage session October 2nd on a lovely Sunday morning in Silverlake, with 5 Moms & babies! Check out Grover's 1st blog here, with my class hosted by my friend and Mom of Grover, Kate Mayfield: http://groverbowen.wordpress.com/2010/10


We had a fun time, and took pictures to prove it, check it out!  If you or someone you know, is interested in Group Infant Massage classes, they are a lot more fun to interact and engage in the massage with other parents as we laugh while we learn with the babies.


I provide each parent a packet of instructional step by step guides, information on safe organic oils, and benefits of massage for your growing child, as well as a 1oz PET plastic bottle of organic Grape seed oil.  Please contact me to schedule one with your girlfriends, and I'll come to whomever is hosting the infant massage!


Khara (top left by window) with Mom's and babies!

Massage time

Grape seed oil and massage guides, now we feel great!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer weather, just imagine you're in a tropical rainforest!

It's been a tropical rain forest lately...hot but cloudy, humid and heavy rain for a few minutes, and a dry, crisp, beautiful sunset by crashing waves...well that's California for you, the best of all things!  Who would need to go on a vacation when you already feel like you're in a different country, and quite literally, I'm only 4 miles from the beach! 

Always excited counting down and waiting with great anticipation for July with back to back weekends of solid plans to celebrate the 4th -bbqs, something fun food to cook, fireworks, and then my birthday.  I claim July as my birthday month, and especially make a point of it this year with a few celebrations for a BIG Birthday bash!  Great times, with great company, and wonderful memories I'll always have, even with the summer, it's a treat to have a fun party with everyone!  Summer days are long and warm, when I enjoy lazy weekends bike riding, doing mini trips up north, sitting outside for late Happy Hour with a nice glass of wine in my hand, smiles, laughter, and of course a paparazzi of photos to capture my memories.

I've been doing massage, it's been a little slow, as with lots of things, but I'm not surprised, however despite the lull, I seem to have lots of luck and opportunities have been making themselves available to me.  Some interesting news, I recently started a new full-time
job in the digital space with a different Ad Agency and so far it's really cool.  I like the account I'm working on and my co-workers as they work well as a team and positive outlook even when it's crunch time.

I feel the rest of the summer will prove to be a good challenge knowing I will be learning a lot through process and balancing life, the serious and fun.  I'm enjoying these new routines that have come quite quickly and will keep you posted on all my endeavors.  Make sure to catch a glimpse of the full moon on July 26th, I'm sure it will be luminescent!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 1st of July!

I've been working on my website, and previously I haven’t promoted it very much simply because it seems I'm always pressed for time to be creative, but it's a ‘work in progress’ so here it is.  With more improvements on the way! http://www.therapeuticsynergy.com/
I would love for us to follow each other’s blogs, if you have one let me know, and I will follow you!  I noticed I don’t have any pictures up, so I will be posting some here soon of my workouts, massaging, and teaching infant massage get excited!  Please suggest my FB page and blog with your friends.
I am now finished with my CrossFit classes after one full month of kick your butt-Hard Work outs and pretty sure I'll sign up again, although July, is gonna be pretty hectic, but definitely in August.  It was worth every minute, I am ready to hit the pool/beach you name it.  My muscles are toned and I'm close to a svelt femme fatale physique, watch out spandex here I come AND I’m gonna eat a full meal just to prove it to myself, mmm, I LOVE Food!
I will be however, signing up for a YogaWorks class at the  Westwood location: http://www.yogaworks.com/Location.aspx?lid=8, it’s nice there, makes me feel like I am back at UCLA where I took a ton of yoga classes every quarter.  YogaWorks have great classes geared toward your style and level, it’s far better than going to yoga I have attended at Bally’s, I mean it’s ok, but not as intimate or focused with those around you that are truly there because they believe in yoga and it’s benefits.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Get fit!

Some of you might not have noticed, but I listed the link on my first blog post, about a free business listing directory called Hot Frog http://www.hotfrog.com/Companies/Therapeutic-Synergy is great when researching in google to search for your company and others you are in need of finding, if you haven’t listed your business, do so.  I was even able to make a coupon for a discount for potential new clients if they are interested in booking a session with me for the first time, and it’s good to use for yourself, a family member, or friend when they book an appointment with Therapeutic Synergy, it expires end of this year. My coupon is for Women ONLY, woo!  :)
Exciting news on a separate personal accomplishment, I have officially joined CrossFit, and wow, they sure know how to whip your body into shape, err pain, lol!  Sometimes you feel like you might not be able to go on, but they train and test your endurance and strength, I suggest checking it out for anyone looking for a new and creative workout sure to give you results that you can feel.  They are becoming very popular all over the country, and I was first introduced to it by a fellow massage therapist who I met while we were in school.   Since then I have found out a few friends have been doing it for a while and are completely hooked.  It is a little expensive, but if you go often enough it is worth it, I like the group sessions and is always encouraging and helpful to see each other working so hard, nobody is alone in the struggle, men, women, old, and young.  Each CrossFit works differently with programs/owners/hours/members, I belong to the one in Marina Del Rey, which is super convenient for me since it's local and parking is abundant! Paradiso CrossFit http://paradisocrossfit.com/
I’ve been going for two weeks, and I have signed on for a month, I go 2xs a week, and will be doing 3xs and will complete my On-ramp class, which is for beginners at the end of this month.  After the hardest part which has been these past few weeks, I think it will get easier, as with all routines of exercise your body is sore, with the use of more muscles your body might have forgotten it had.  I decided to get into it because running and doing yoga every now and then was not enough, I always stretch and get ready for my massage so I don’t hurt myself, but I feel a lot more energetic and knew this would help strengthen my core.  Your core so important for performing massage on a continual basis, especially when you have 3 in a row.  It’s not so much physical strength, as I have a small frame, I must be strong in my core, to use my body the best way to make my therapy techniques effective with results.

**Check this out: I really want to go to the Yoga on the Great Lawn, meaning Central Park, NYC, it was promoted by Flavorpill in connection with Jet Blue, I hope I win!  If not, I bet it will be really cool, enter here you still have a few days left: http://flavorpill.com/win/yoga

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

'Healing the world with nurturing touch through bodywork, one soul at a time.'

A quote that took me a while to come up with, so many hours pondering how best to put in words how I feel about massage, bodywork, the importance of touch, incorporated with our spirit and souls.  We are healed by nature's beauty, empowered by the connectivity of relationships with friends, family, or otherwise intimate with our spouses; and influence ourselves and others as a reflective mirror to which we should strive for positive greatness and be proud of what we reveal to ourselves and those around us.  This is on the back of my new business card.

Memorial Day weekend, so nice to have time to visit with family in town, my Aunt and Uncle visiting from Arizona and my younger brother coming from Bangkok, mini vacays make longer weekends better!  I could use more time like this, we all could to relax our minds and DE-stress our bodies.  Happy June, wow this year is going by quick, or is it just that I’ve been super busy?!
Summer is upon us and I can barely wait, warm Southern California weather and long days when the sun goes down at 8pm is exactly what I live for!  Planning beach days, biking, mini vacations and my birthday and so many others is something to look forward to!!!

I made a profile on the Massage Register, http://www.massageregister.com/therapist/khara-pechtes, so those who are looking for a Massage Therapist/Infant Massage Teacher can find me in So Cal. I'm thinking about ordering a few tees and tanks for Therapeutic Synergy, I've been researching a few different companies that are pretty decent with pricing, sustainability, and simplicity for a design that I have already personally created.  So I'm hoping to do this soon, so if I ever come over, I might be wearing it, represent! Lol. :)